Acknowledging those who have touched your life in big or small ways and reflecting on how you reciprocated strengthens gratitude, humbleness and social connectedness. I highly recommend a Buddhist exercise called Naikan self-reflection, which asks you to contemplate and answer three questions each day.

Question 1: What have I received from (fill in the blank)?

Answer: My husband gave me the best hug and kiss this morning. My girlfriend sent me the funniest video that made me laugh. I received my food delivery today. My cat gave me a “hello” meow. A cardinal sang me a song. I could go on but I think you get the picture.

Question 2: What have I done for or given to (fill in the blank)?

Answer: I helped a patient with her exercises online. I made a good dinner for my husband and I last night.

Question 3: What troubles or difficulties have I caused (fill in the blank)?

Answer: I’ve been complaining too much to my friends and family about missing my patients and wanting to go back to work.  

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