“My purpose in life is to touch the lives of others with my positive energy” -Dr. Dembe

An inspirational speaker and health practitioner focusing on health, wellness, longevity and stress management.

About Me

Dr. Elaine Dembe is a well-known chiropractor and wellness expert who has managed a thriving private practice for 40 years in Toronto. She is a sought-after keynote speaker, media personality, and author of 2 best-selling books: Passionate Longevity – The 10 Secrets to Growing Younger and Use The Good Dishes™ – Finding Joy in Everyday Life.

Dr. Dembe has dedicated her professional life to helping individuals from millennials to baby boomers change the way they age. In addition to treating patients she travels North America giving speeches and conducting workshops customized to clients’ objectives. Her research focuses on the psychological, social and emotional issues that define successful aging and living a joyful fulfilled life.

As a life coach with a keen focus on health span vs lifespan, Dr. Dembe helps her patients and her clients’ employees find strategies to reach optimal health and wellness. With her prescription for a personal and work-life filled with passion, purpose and joy, she will inspire you to be your best.

Chiropractic and Wellness

Dr. Dembe has an extraordinary ability to focus on the issues blocking a patient’s path to health and wellness and to inspire them to make small consistent changes to reach their health potential.

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Keynote Speeches and Workshops

Based on the audience and objectives, Dr Dembe will customize her keynote presentation and workshops to meet your organization’s needs.


Dr. Dembe’s goal with each client is to optimize his or her personal well-being and provide strategies for a more robust, fulfilling life. 


Focusing on optimal health and workplace productivity, Dr Dembe uses engaging, educational, evidence-based content combined with practical take-home strategies to inspire, motivate, and drive personal change.

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